We are working from a waiting list, we accept a deposite of $500 for,  pet quality and
$1000 for pet/show quality.
The deposite is NON-Refundable!

Kittens who is not for breed will be spayed/neutered!
Please do not ask for an un-spayed/un-neutered kitten there are NO Exceptions !

Kittens are usually ready to go to their new homes between 12 and 16 weeks.
Our kittens are:
-vaccinated 3 times
-health book
-2 years health guarantee
-breeder slip to register you kitten
-parents tested for hcm, pkd, FeLv/FIV and cataids, negative you will get that on copy
-health certificate from legitimated veterinarian of Florida,USA

Kittens that are going to make a happy life together with their owners, they can’t be used either for breeding or exhibition and they are sterilized. Good character and temperament.
Pricing: $2400

Kittens may attend to shows for fun. They can’t be used for breeding as they are neutered/spayed. The pattern and type is perfect or almost perfect for shows, but not for breeding.
Good character and temperament.
Pricing: $2500-$3400

Retired Adults: Sometimes we  have adult cats that we need to retire. The price is reduced
and include spay/neuter, vaccinated and pedigree.
Pricing: $500-$1200

Kittens that can breed and improve the breed in the world to make it more known and appreciated. Qualities are suitable for breeding but not for show. The pattern and type is perfect or almost perfect.
Good character and temperament.
Pricing breed quality, depense on pedigree, markings and type.

Kittens perfect for breeding and for going shows for fun. Qualities are suitable for breeding and show. Markings perfect or near perfect. Exceptional type, size, good character and temperament.
Pricing: show/breed quality, depense on pedigree, markings and type.

You need to come and pick your kitten up from our home, or we try to help you with delivery, shipping , Your expenses.