Name: Afroditedolls Dior
Color: Blue colorpoint RAG a
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 7th of February 2017
Father: RW SGC Fishbones Peter Pan of Afroditedolls
Mother: Soulmate Cutie of Afroditedolls

Name: Diamond Dolls You  Are My Hero of Afroditedolls
Color: Blue bicolor RAG a 03
Gender:  Male
Date of Birth: 18th of April 2018
Father: USA Purrs Love You Luca
Mother: Adollrags Miley

Name: Soulmate Trump of Afroditedolls
Color: Seal bicolor RAG n 03
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 5th of March 2017
Father: Eulalie Aladdin of Soulmate
Mother: Soulmate Prima Donna