We are a Greek-Swedish family which consists of me Anna and my husband, five children and one dog, stray dog Phoebe.
Our journey started in Volos, Greece.
But from now on, we are located in Bradenton, FL USA.
I always loved animals. In my early days I was fond of horses and dogs. We had a cat but it was not my main interest back then.
I have always wanted animals and after I had my children I felt that a cat would be the best for me and my family.
That was the result of me opening the cattery.
For me, there is no other breed as beautiful and peaceful as Ragdoll.
I try my best, give great attention into their health so they will be tested for AIDS, Leukemia, kidneys and heart before breeding. The breeding will have its limits.
Our cats has a lot of space, they get a lot of attention. They get their vaccines, dewormed, pasta for hairballs and vitamins.
I groom them, giving them a bath, cut their claws and combing them.
They get a lots of love, kisses and hugs.
Our cats lives around children and the kittens too, so they are used to noise, people, that things happens around them and are very socialized.
We feed them with dry food, Royal Canin and Wilderness. Wet food, I usually give them Mother & Babycat pate’ or I make them a mix withraw chicken and canned food and with vitamins. They love that!