We are a Greek-Swedish family which consists of me Anna, my husband Kyriakos and our four children.
We live in a city called Volos on the mainland of Greece. It is an incredibly beautiful city surrounded by mountains from the one side and on sea from the other.

Our house has a large garden where we have plenty of space for our children to play and to breed our cats.
Kyriakos and I have a kiosk at a preliminary school as well as in a high school where we serve meals, drinks and coffee.
We pretty much have a lot of free time for our children and our cats.

I always loved animals. In my early days I was fond of horses and dogs. We had a cat but it was not my main interest back then.
I have always wanted animals and after I had my children I felt that a cat would be the best for me and my family.

My husband although, didn’t want animals in the house, so one day I bought a Ragdoll without his knowledge. Which I don’t regret!
And I have to say that now Kyriakos , my husband is the one who can’t resist them. That was the result of me opening the cattery.
There is no other breed as beautiful and peaceful as Ragdoll.

I give great attention into their health so they will be tested for AIDS, Leukemia and heart before breeding. The breeding will have its limits.
My goal is to have them spayed/neutered around their 4th year and the females to have maximum 4 births.
If a cat doesn’t fit for breeding we will have it spayed/neutered and keep it only as a pet.

Our cats are free to go where ever they want in the house and they have company all day.
But they can also go outside where I have a large garden for them.

Our cats lives around children and the kittens too so they are used to that.